Reflective Community

Reflective Community is a light totem installation first spawned at the Gleem Festival in 2005. This work explores concepts of community and how we respond to the world around us. We are a product or reflection of the world we create... so lets make it stimulating! The work has a changing roster of 'totems' depending on the context or environnmet it is installed in. 

The totems are reflective themselves being sheethed in a 3M retro-reflective material made for road signs. They are highly reactive to changing light, especially so to LED head torches making for a directly interactive experience. Reflective Community has attended 4 NZ Music & Arts festivals.Gleem 2005, Splore 2007, Rythym & Vines 2009 & Womad 2011.   ** This is an on-going, evolving project available for arts festival's & special events on application.