WOMAD - Interactive art

Metamorphosis I & II - Interactive light art

Commisioned by WOMAD 2013 this pair of totemic structures were designed with a range of different interactive devices. Created in collaboration with Fane Flaws & Chris Macmillan (MULK) the works title reflect their transformative nature, metamorphasising in appearance and interactions by day and night.

Metamorphosis I takes rotational data from Cusp, a spyrograph like turntable with photosensitive paper and laser light and feeds a video signal from a webcam above to generate lighting chases and kaleidoscopic imagery on its embedded monitors.

Metamorphosis II during the day receives audio input to generate bubbles from the top of the totem, guiding interactivity with a Mulk-made animation of a bubble wand on-screen. By night users interact with a webcam to generate kaleidoscopic mandalas on screen and step the totem through the phases of it's metamorphosis, eventually erupting with smoke through the orifices of Fane Flaws' characters at the top of the totem.

Printed artwork (the skins of the totems) by Fane Flaws
Cusp (seen in opening shot) by Doug Makinson