Gleem Festival

Gleem is a new-media festival themed around light. Last held in 2005 in association with Auckland Festival.

Gleem featured 25+ curated artists works exhibited in the grounds of Corban Estate Arts Centre. An outdoor cinema and live performance stage featured music and dance performance. Gleem received funding and support from Waitakere City and the Wallace Trust who purchased several works in competition. Gleem was attended by 12000 people paving the way for events such as Art in the Dark.  Artists- Janine Randerson, Andrew Deboer, Virginia King, Alistair Hopwood, Neal Smith, Raewyn Turner,David Eversfield, Peter Stoneham, Tessa Crisp, Andrew Clifford etc. Live performers- Pitch Black,D Dub, Axis of Weavils, Vivid, Stalker etc.. Producer/Director Ashley Turner.